Test Your .NET HttpClient Based Strongly Typed Clients Like a Boss

Looking at using HttpClient Interception library to setup and create a HttpClient instance to allow for testing strongly typed client classes.

Posted on 29 June 2021

Setting Content for HttpClient Testing with JSON.NET and System.Text.Json

Setting up matches with HttpClient Interception library is one thing, but configuring the data it can return is another. In this post we take a look at the functionality around setting up the content payload to return.

Posted on 14 June 2021

Extending HttpClient Testing With Templating

Continuing the series of HttpClient Interception library by Just Eat by looking at how to use templating to reuse the same bundle definitions across multiple tests.

Posted on 08 June 2021

Simple Example of Calling REST API with HttpClient in .NET 5.0

Beginner friendly usage of a HttpClient in a console application to make a simple request but using dependency injection to create HttpClient instances.

Posted on 25 May 2021

Defining HttpClient Test Requests by Using a Bundle

Taking a look at how we can easily define multiple request templates when testing with the HttpClient Interception library from Just Eat Tech.

Posted on 18 May 2021

Catching all the Requests while Testing with HttpClient

Making sure tests fail if not all request matches are defined using the HttpClient Interception library from Just Eat Tech.

Posted on 11 May 2021

Beginning to Make Testing with HttpClient Easier

Introduction to the basics of setting up the HttpClient Interception library from Just Eat Tech to allow for testing items which rely on HttpClient.

Posted on 04 May 2021