Don't Let Redundancy Define You

Self reflecting thoughts on redundancy

Published on 29 April 2018

This is probably the hardest post I've written but after seeing some posts recently on LinkedIn I feel it's time to share.

Back in early 2009 everything was pretty good. I'd got married the year before, my wife and I had bought a house and my career was going pretty well. I was a trusted reliable member of my team, leading small development projects and looking to move up to becoming a senior developer in the next year or so.

Fast forward to September of 2009 and a bomb was dropped. The financial crisis was kicking in and having an effect. Working in the financial services software world we were one of the first wave to be hit. After having a company meeting one morning and being told the news there would be redundancies it was a shock but a little part of me thought "I'll be OK". Later that day I found I would not.

I was in shock. I had work to do, projects to finish and now on top of that I had to find a new job?

Was it something I'd done? Could I have done something to stop it? It felt personal, I felt targeted, I felt hurt.

I'd given a lot of my time and effort and to what? Nothing. I'm not going to hide it I took it personally. I left work at the end of that day, sat waiting for my train and started to write my cv. Even though it was a tough time I continued to work hard up to my final day with the same dedication I'd shown my entire career as personal pride is what defines you.

Due to the dedication and personal character I showed in those final weeks it opened the opportunity for me to go back as a Senior Developer a year later. However in the mean time I had responsibilities and needed a job. I took a job which, with hindsight, was not the best for me. It paid enough and I could cover the mortgage. It may not have been the best but each job, opportunity and experience you have you learn and grow from and that is what I did.

Fast forward to early 2016. I turned up to work as normal (different company), had a company meeting and the same occurred. My role was being made redundant. This time was different. I didn't take it personally. I was a little shocked but these things happen. Before the meeting had finished in my head I was already working on a plan. By lunch I'd already found a number of recruiters to call and over lunch time I'd started to network. Within 2 weeks I'd interviewed and found another role. Life goes on.

Why am I writing this? Part of me wants to get it off my chest, part of me wants to try and give hope to others. Being made redundant happens; it's not personal, it's not targeted, it just happens. It's what you do when it happens that defines you.

Try not to take it personally, look to the future, make it count!

"If you want to make the world a better place, Take a look at yourself, and then make a change." - Michael Jackson

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