Becoming a Remote Worker - End of Week 6

Back at work, resetting personal mental expectations and finding data from the past.

Published on 25 April 2020

Another week has gone by and I'm not entirely sure how! I've been at work and not felt overly productive, but looking back I seem to have achieved what I needed to, so thats a positive I guess. It's frustrating I can't get both of my external monitors working from my Dell docking station with my "new" laptop. I'm down to 1 external monitor and the laptop screen. It just isn't as good but it will do for now.

The kids have found it hard this week. We tried to add a timetable into the day and it completely freaked out my daughter. Will try something new next week.

My wife is doing an amazing job with the kids; I don't know where I would be without her.

I'm kinda getting used to not going out as often, which I'm sure will be bad when this is all over but is ok for now, but I am missing my own space. The ability to go out and have some time alone is what I am missing I think. I miss going out to play disc golf and with it the openess and freedom which comes with it. The hour or so after work before picking up Mr. 3yr from nursary where I can stand in a field and watch discs fly through the air.

It will come again soon :-)

As for resetting mental expectations this is something I am trying to learn. Before this all happened I thought I would have some time to do some more blogging, some more "hobby" coding and generally use the time I'd usually be commuting for something productive. I was wrong. I also thought I would be able to do some more learning / training with Pluralsight but in the past few weeks that has been near on none existant. The people on social media saying they are learning x, and studying for exam y I can only assume have been furlough'd and not mentioned it online or have no children!

I did find an Excel sheet yesterday with a running log from 2015 in. It was interesting for a couple of reasons; 1) as it was from 2015 comparing it to how fit I am currently was a bit depressing and 2) it was the last time I did consistent treadmill training and showed how fast I was. My treadmill training has hit a plateau in the past week or 2 so finding this has given me a new challenge. Can I train how I did 5 years ago and can I get up to the same speed or faster than I was? Let's find out!

Stay home, keep safe. I know it's hard. Try and keep positive.